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"3D Craniometry for Dentistry" is a project to advance the currently used technology in dentristry and orthodontics by state-of-the-art tools from Virtual Anthropology. The international research group started its activities in 2011 and has its centre in Vienna, Austria. It comprises scientists and dentists from Austria, Canada, France, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, and Russia. It is supported by A.E.R.S. Dental Medicine Organisations GmbH (Vienna), the Siegfried Ludwig – Rudolf Slavicek Stipendienstiftung (Vienna), and its participants. Organisatorial leader is Prof. Rudolf Slavicek (em. Prof. Danube University Krems, Department of Interdisciplinary Dentistry and Technology), scientific leader is Prof. Gerhard Weber (Prof. Dept. of Anthropology, University of Vienna).

Our main goal is to advance the development of measuring methods in 3D and to apply them in dentistry and orthodontics which are hitherto dominated by the analysis of 2D data (even if 3D data is available). We recognize that there are still large gaps in our general knowledge about the interrelations between occlusion, and the shape of the temporomandibular joint, the shape of the jaws, and the shape of the face and basicranium. Therefore we particularly emphasise approaches to capture and exploit the 3D geometry from craniofacial data (ConeBeamCT, CT, µCT, x-rays, condylography). Our participants are supported by the research team to broaden their expertise, to publish scientific contributions in journals, books, and public media, and to present their work at international meetings.

Participation in the workgroup "3D Craniometry for Dentistry" offers:

  • Supervision and support of scientific projects from drafting to publication
  • Access to workshops and tutorials to learn the methods of Virtual Anthropology
  • Individual training sessions
  • 3 yearly meetings for exchange between participants and training
  • Long-distance support via skype and email
  • Access to scientific online literature data bases
  • In individual cases, support to apply for a PhD program at University of Vienna